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About Coldwell Banker Real Estate Consultants
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  • Coldwell Banker Real Estate Consultants has taken a new direction in the real estate service market. What this means is that the agents you have known for many years are bringing their experience together in a new company which understands their needs, the new technology that is available and the emerging real estate market. The agent needs to be able to provide their personal services to both sellers and buyers in an efficient manner that keeps everyone involved informed and content.
  • Greg Grossi, well-known in the Hayward area real estate community, is the broker/owner at Coldwell Banker Real Estate Consultants of Hayward Wisconsin, bringing years of experience to this new business which opened March 1, 2006. His office understands the dynamic real estate market that faces customers today. In fact, Grossi has brought together a group of agents who know the Hayward real estate markets—agents he’s known and worked with for many years. This office differs from many new offices where an agent decides to break off and open their own office and then begins growing the business with new agents. Besides Greg , there are 7 agents, (six of whom are brokers themselves) with over 200 years of combined experience meaning each agent averages over 25 years experience! One agent himself has over 40 years experience. Also, there is an experienced friendly office staff which is a key part in any business.
  • Greg owned and operated Spider Lake Realty from 1995 to 2000 when he sold to Coldwell Banker and this is when he really came to know the agents working with him now. He really enjoys being the broker and being able to make a difference in the direction of the company. He also knows what an agent needs to get their job done. Greg has the background to manage the office too, with a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Wisconsin and an MBA from St. Thomas University. According to Greg, what really sells a property is the agent and what really “matches” a property to a buyer is the agent and their network. This network is developed from being in the business for many years and there is no way to short cut the process. Our agents are simply among the best in the business!
  • Coldwell Banker Real Estate Consultants of Hayward Wisconsin listings are advertised locally in the Sawyer County Record, Hayward Area Buyer’s Guide, Local office,,,,, and Facebook. Coldwell Banker also offers what’s called “Previews” these are higher priced homes that are digitally exposed in,,, and We use specialty magazines like Cabin Life to spotlight exceptional homes and Silent Sports magazine for those who are looking for property in the “quiet sports’ area, and through the Multiple Listing Service in Northwest Wisconsin and in Minnesota. Whether you’re buying or selling, the experienced agents at Coldwell Banker Real Estate Consultants will take a new direction in serving your real estate needs.